Our SAP managed services activities

What exactly do we do to keep your system landscape running worry-free? You can think of our approach as maintaining your home. 

Monitoring of business processes

Every home has a thermometer and, if all goes well, a carbon monoxide meter as well. We continuously read these meters and detectors and compare them to the agreed bandwidths. Based on this monitoring, we are able to intervene before a critical value is reached and thus prevent disruption in the business process. With home automation, by the way, we can automate these interventions. If it gets too hot in the house, the shutters go down to keep out the sun. We automatically create a notification for this and it will be discussed with you.

Of course, we also have a breakdown service. It can be called 24/7 if a sink is clogged or if there is storm damage. Based on the priority and agreements made, we will fix things and make sure you are informed of the progress at all times.

Supervising change processes

For updates to your home, a paint job, replacing locks or a new floor/boiler, we have the change process covered. In consultation, we determine exactly what needs to be done and how much time it will take. This also applies to activities for which you, the homeowner, are responsible. Think of onboarding of suppliers, catalogs or training of new employees. 
Settlement of these can take place on the basis of a fixed price (hours x rate) or be part of the maintenance contract. Incidentally, we can offer repetitive maintenance work at a pre-agreed price.

Insights and expertise

In case your dormer is due for replacement and you want to build an extra room to your house? Then you have come to the right place. For the latest insights and expertise in the functional and technical field, we can make the right construction drawings and plans to build it the right way. To do so, we employ top 100 architects, draftsmen, calculators, tradesmen and foremen.

The last thing you want is to be broken into. Our access risk, patching and vulnerability management services ensure that we keep thieves out (Alarm and CCTV). We proactively detect any vulnerabilities to make break-ins as unattractive as possible.

Where necessary, we can involve SAP as the supplier of the materials, for example, if the problem is in the software. In addition, after a fire/storm, we can rebuild the business at short notice through the recovery process.

The biggest win is that we as McCoy take care of the complete stack (foundation, cabling, walls and contents). Both Infra, OS, DB and SAP applications are in trusted hands with us.