Our SAP management approach

SAP new-style management is not so much in what we do. Monitoring, incidents, changes and patching - they're all no-brainers. The crux is in how we do it. We'd like to explain our 3 principles.

Run your systems worry-free

First, you want to be carefree with the system; it should just run. No incidents. No downtime. You don't want to spend your budget on the basics. You want to get value out of it and be successful with it. 

That's why we go for minimizing and automating basic management, preferably making ourselves completely redundant in that area! 

When it comes to a worry-free system, we look beyond our noses. Under the motto "more than IT," we focus not only on business processes and optimizations, but also on topics such as security and cloud.

Hassle-free management

A flexible management party ... if all the clichés are true, this is not a plausible scenario. We follow ITIL processes and procedures and are compliant with the necessary certifications, but at the same time prove that managed services need not be rigid.  

No 'log a ticket first' mentality, but service-oriented. Consultation and sparring are much more important to us. Even if you have questions that do not fall within the scope of your contract. Contractually, we also go for simplicity. Simple contracts, flexible termination. We don't care whether you host your systems yourself or whether we host them for you in the public cloud. Both work fine for us.

A warm relationship

"We are in it for the long run"; for better or worse. We are seen and felt by our customers as an integral part of the organization and we know what is going on. At all times, we go for adding value in all the activities we do. With the low turnover at McCoy, you keep your experts on hand for the long term. Our customer value manager is your central contact throughout the full breadth of our services.