The challenge when you serve B2B and B2C in wholesale

From pallets to 'orders of one'

The decision to also serve the B2C market has profound implications for order flow. Previously you only delivered pallets or boxes of products, now you have to deal with other packaging units. The challenge is to also pick 'orders of one' quickly and send them well packed. For this, forklifts in the warehouse are not enough; it requires manpower and smaller trucks. This requires a thorough adaptation of the warehouse process. 

The solution to serve B2B and B2C

Our Intelligent Logistics solution has a complete answer to this challenge. Supply Chain Execution (SCE) provides a streamlined warehouse process that allows you to handle both large orders and small packaging units. 

Real-world success examples

A McCoy wholesale customer faced the challenge of a growing number of orders with a shrinking number of products per order. So we worked with them to completely redesign the warehouse through our Intelligent Logistics solution. This makes the warehouse more flexible to meet demand. 

A key success factor for that wholesale business was the fit-to-standard approach taken. We stayed as close as possible to the SAP standard for warehouse automation with custom additions where relevant. As a result, the warehouse process is much simpler to customize from now on.  

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