The challenge for increasing customer demands in wholesale

Immediately right

The switch from selling to (additional) services is crucial to meet customer demands. It requires service from the warehouse aimed at improving the customer experience. With demanding customers, you really only have one chance to get it right. Isn't the first-time-right principle working? Then the trick is to deliver a "one time fix". As a wholesale company, make sure the processes are set up accordingly so you solve the issue in one go. 

Service contracts in order 

Service plays an important role in keeping demanding customers satisfied. The question is to what extent you have service processes in order and under control. We notice in the field that much value leaks away through a variety of service contracts. For example, because you provide a service but do not invoice your customers for it. The reverse also happens, and obviously has a major impact on customer satisfaction.   

The solution to increasing customer demands

The right m/f for the service job with SAP Service Cloud

A "one time fix" is achieved when you send the right man/woman to the right job with the right skills and materials. Speed also plays a role; customers don't want to wait days for a solution. With the SAP Service Cloud, you control this process.

Smart use of master data for contracts

Master data and reporting are becoming increasingly important for wholesale businesses. Not only for products, but also for customer data and service components. You need insight into contracts so that you immediately know what has or has not been agreed upon. For example, if you still send an invoice when warranty is in force, this is a huge dissatisfier for the already critical customer. Moreover, it is a potential "killer" for margins. 

Back to the standard of Sap S/4 HANA

Want to gain control of master data from contracts? Then it makes sense to take a critical look at the process. We see more and more wholesale companies returning to the standard of SAP S/4 HANA and the Service Cloud. Through the service order dashboard, you have access to all relevant (service) data to give the demanding customer a good experience.   

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