Demand Management

The challenge

Pressure on operations is a challenge for many organizations. It usually results from an ever-changing pattern of consumer demand. As a company, how do you anticipate future customer demand knowing that "the crystal ball" does not exist? Having the right inventory, including insight into that inventory, is essential. This is where consumer product companies encounter a new challenge: fluctuations in supply chain costs.

The solution

Balancing inventory risk and customer satisfaction

Demand Management ensures that you balance inventory risk with customer satisfaction. It is more than managing expected purchases and involves supply chain management, inventory planning and supplier relationship management. More and more companies are adopting Demand Management technologies that account for supply chain variability.

Benefits of smart Demand Management

  • Competitive advantage by successfully anticipating and planning for demand.

  • Improvement of Supply Chain Operations by improving demand forecasting.

  • Optimization of profit margins.

  • Improvement of production plans and minimization of inventory.

SAP Integrated Business Planning 

SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) – Intelligent Planning helps companies cash in on these benefits. It consists of two modules that fully integrate with SAP ERP:

  • Demand Planning. This tool provides insight into predicted market demand, based on historical demand and results. This allows you to build Market Intelligence and better plan promotional campaigns, for example.

  • SAP IBP for Sales and Operations, for Response & Supply, Demand, for Inventory and Supply Chain Control Tower.

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