Customer Experience

The challenge

Customer Experience Optimization is a major goal of digital transformation. We mainly shop online these days, which increases the need for Customer Experience. It all revolves around the question: how do we make it as easy as possible for consumers to fulfill their needs? This includes setting up customer-centric processes. This is pure necessity in a world full of critical customers where one negative online review makes or breaks you.

The solution

The value of O- and X-data

Only with a proactive Customer Experience will you exceed customer expectations and cash in on all the other benefits to your business. In order to do this, you will need both O- and X-data. O-data is operational data and is your rearview mirror. It is sales orders, contracts, price agreements, phone calls and emails. By themselves, they are not enough for a good Customer Experience. You do need them to create positive X-data. These are customer experiences as, for example, NPS scores, Reviews and Customer sentiment. Based on that, you can develop a strategy.

Set priorities with quick scan

Improving the Customer Experience is done across the axes of people, process and platform. In that particular order. You determine where the priorities lie with a short QuickScan that maps out your company's entire Customer Journey. After that, it is relevant to set up the SAP CX platform. From there, you facilitate the Customer Experience with, among other things, modules for a sales, marketing and service cloud. This makes it easy for people to deliver top service and you can easily integrate all processes. That will not only boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, but also conversion.

Could your Customer Experience be even better?

Our experts are happy to do a quick scan that clarifies priorities. It will only take you half a day, after which you will receive a report with insights into the profit points. Get in touch with Jan Laros.