Fit-for-future HR

The challenge

Get the right people on board

High-quality employees are scarce, even more so now than usual. Quality employees are, however, a key factor to stand out in a highly competitive market. The main challenge is to get the right people on board. If they can work anywhere, why should they work at your company in particular? And how do you avoid making concessions on knowledge, competencies and skills you so desperately need in the tight labor market?

Keep the right people on board

You retain good people only if you offer them an optimal work experience. This applies even more when they can easily get another job. Partly because of this, we see more and more companies in the Consumer Goods industry making great strides in the professionalization of HR. The challenge is to keep staff energized, vital and challenged. This requires, for example, a good onboarding process and tailored training programs. Smart IT solutions are needed to streamline this process and serve each individual employee.

The solution

Strategic workforce planning with the help of data

Strategic workforce planning is the answer to the challenge of a flexible workforce. To do this, you will need data on turnover, expiring contracts, knowledge, competencies and more. Based on that information, you can determine which talent is required and how far in advance you should start recruiting and training. SAP Success Factors offers modules to streamline the entire 'hire to retire' process. Relevant talent modules include 'succession & development', for example.

Employee Experience at all career stages

You can also use technology for HR management, too. You will need a workforce that enjoys working for you, is vital, loves their work and is aligned with your business goals. This requires more than paying salaries on time. A professional HR organization provides an Employee Experience at every stage of the career. SAP Success Factors provides you the control using various talent modules:

  • Recruitment & onboarding. The Experience philosophy is central to the design of this module. The trick is to continue this in the implementation of all other modules.

  • Performance management. With strategic insights about employee performance, you can make adjustments in time. SAP instruments Performance Management, Pay for Performance and Learning are available for this purpose.

  • Succession & development. To keep your company agile and flexible, you need insight into employee advancement opportunities, both horizontally and vertically. That way, you'll always have the critical positions within the company filled.

  • Compensation & learning. With this module, you will get digital support in understanding and implementing a modern compensation policy. Training will then ensure optimal deployment of employees in their current positions. It also helps you to reach more growth.

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