Get your data management in order with the Maturity Scan

Most companies find that they don't have their data management in order when they run into problems. Too many packages end up at the wrong address. Payment terms are not available for invoicing. Everyone is managing their own data and chain overview is lacking. Rather, make sure your company is ahead of this. It starts with insight: how mature is your data management?

How mature is your data management?

The Maturity Scan is an independent tool to measure your maturity in different areas of master data: organization, processes, definitions and tools. All of this by data domain. The tool is based on leading international management frameworks including DAMA DMBOK and MIKE2.

Measure where you stand

The Maturity Scan begins with an assessment of the current level of maturity of data management in the organization. We contrast the results with the level of ambition. Together this determines the steps needed to grow. This growth takes place at four levels for data management:

  • ad hoc

  • local

  • centralized

  • optimized

The advantages for your business

The scan provides you with 3 things:

  • Insight into priorities. The Maturity Scan serves as a guide and prioritizes outcomes.

  • Support for expectations and investment decisions.

  • Focus on ambition and the way forward. The scan is simple, and for that very reason powerful.

Start with step 1: measuring

The need and therefore the impact of good data quality increases every day with the digital transformation of processes. Therefore, start with step 1: knowing where you are and where you want to go.

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