Your business can no longer do without datamanagement

The pace of digitization is hard to keep up with. Few organizations still underestimate the importance of smart data management. However, we do see many organizations that are struggling with low data quality.

It's all about data quality and data management

Data is a crucial building block in today's digital world. Your company will only deliver top quality if the data and data management are of the same top level. Good input produces good output, and unfortunately the opposite is also true. Your business processes and dashboards don't add up without good data. And if that still sounds a bit instrumental: without smoothly running business processes there will be no satisfied customers. Just imagine what it does to the Customer Experience if you promise a delivery time of 1 day and it turns out to be 3.

Step 1: Check & improve data quality

Step 1 is to bring data quality to the top level. It starts with a check of the current quality. If you want to do that quickly, simply and thoroughly, delve into our McCoy SMART Data Platform. Is there anything to improve? With Trifacta you can read and transform contaminated or incomplete data files. Sounds good, and yes, it is. You save significantly on time and cost with this approach.

Want to know more about transforming data values, cleaning contaminated data and saving time on this process?

Step 2: Get your data management in order

You don't want to clean up contaminated data every so often. Therefore, data management is an important second step. The trick is to organize all processes in such a way that you limit data problems to an absolute minimum. Again, you first want to bring the level of maturity of your organization to the surface. From there you can build towards the desired direction for data management. The Maturity Scan provides this insight and the solution direction.

Learn how to get and keep data management in order here

You can also think through the data management processes first before checking the quality. Steps 1 and 2 can also be followed in reverse. This way, you first put the basics in order so that you can subsequently keep your data up to standard.

Want to gauge the quality of your data?

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