Check & Improve Your Data Quality

Immature data is an issue. We see this every day at the 'back end' in SAP implementation and migration projects. And we see it on the 'front end' at companies where poor data causes difficult collaboration, internally and with customers. It is therefore crucial to bring data quality to top level. You can achieve that with a surprisingly simple approach.

Data quality check

Especially if you are moving to a new ERP system such as S/4HANA, a quality check is important and even necessary. You don't want to migrate contaminated data with you. Moreover, a different ERP system has different requirements. We therefore load our customers' data into our SMART Data Platform (cloud) as standard. The value for your company is that you benefit from intelligence built up across companies. In other words, we already know from day 1 where the issues are and what the 'exciting data fields' are. This saves you months of research and literally tens of thousands of euros.

Improve data quality

In data migrations, you only have one moment to get it right. Therefore, before that time, you want to a) improve data quality and b) be sure that you have succeeded 100%. With our Smart Data Platform, we have automated both of these points. That saves time and completely eliminates human misses. We dare to make that promise because we combine technical checks with McCoy's content checks on data. With that, we translate data quality to business perspective and you can be sure that the data is correct and also usable.

Success proven in practice

We successfully applied our approach to a 100-country SAP-Ariba project and an S4 implementation project, among others. Customers are satisfied with the fast and careful data migration. Our Cloud solution saved at least 10 days of manual work per location. The intelligence from these successes is included in the tool, so subsequent clients benefit from that again.

On the verge of a data migration?

Then get in touch so you can run a 100% perfect score on data migration just like our other clients. Fast, good and therefore also with a modest investment. Mail or call Jan Laros via or 0623195153.