Our mission

McCoy is the benchmark SAP solutions partner in the Netherlands. Our mission is to deliver ‘The Perfect Score’, beautifully represented by our Logo: 💯. Meaning we will always strive for 100%, whether it’s about Quality consultants and services, Customer Satisfaction or the way we deliver our projects. We are 100% SAP. The best 250 SAP consultants of the Netherlands and Belgium work with McCoy.

Our tagline says Simply McCoy. Meaning that making things Simple is very important to us. As Leonardo da Vinci already used to say: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. It is therefore part of our DNA. We even train ourselves (and our clients are always welcome in all of our training programs) on making things simpler. Because making things simple contributes to a great extent to successful delivery of IT in a broad sense. Thereby realizing your business goals.

Our Brand promise

IT should enable your business. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s make things simpler. Simply McCoy.


Why our clients love to work with us?

Because they look for consultants that can connect. Who integrate business and IT. Who speak and understand the language of your business. Who belong to the best in their area of expertise. Who will not consult in a ‘you ask we deliver’ mode. Who will be critical in advising IT as well as business.

Maximizing our billable hours is not our goal. Delivering results in time in budget is