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Business Process Management (BPM), is a structured approach to optimize business processes within your organization. With BPM you get work done, efficiently. And if you think it’s just another buzzword, think again. Consider the current scenario - it’s still common in most companies that departments are focused on themselves. They have little insight into what else is happening in their organization, or what is expected of a particular role. End-to-end thinking is just wishful. If you recognize this, then your business stands a lot to gain from BPM.

Achieve your business goals with BPM

Whatever strategic business goals you have, you need well defined business processes to help you achieve it. Which makes it all the more important to properly map out and evaluate them. And that’s exactly what BPM is all about. Because BPM includes everything that has to do with processes within your organization. From documenting and designing to implementing and analyzing business processes. Can processes be organized more efficiently? Are there opportunities for improvement? And where do you get started? With BPM you not only create more insight, but you can also take steps and turn your goals into reality.

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BPM and McCoy

Structure and overview are the keywords when it comes to getting consistent and improved results. In this, BPM is not a one-time thing, but a continuous process. With our BPM expertise, our process expertise, and our SAP expertise, we help you get more out of your business process. In all our advice we use the following four steps:

  • Process documentation – understanding your as is situation

  • Process design – from as is to to be situation, with analyses, tools, and methodologies

  • Process implementation – make new business processes succeed

  • Process analysis – being and staying sharp on your new standard

From advising and supporting, with these four steps, we help you solve strategic issues around BPM and make it a success within your organization. Through our workshops and internal training, we connect departments to capture and share the right information. Always critical, and with having the ‘as is’ situation and ‘to be’ situation in our mind.

When it comes to tooling, these phases are perfectly supported by the SAP Signavio tool. But we also work using ARIS and Visio. To be honest, it doesn’t matter which tool we start working with, the basis are the processes.

Why BPM?

BPM connects IT with business processes and people. Here are the benefits:

  • One centralized source of truth within your organization

  • BPM stimulates end-to-end thinking within the organization and communication between different departments

  • Critical decisions are substantiated more objectively using process data 

  • More transparency about roles and responsibilities

  • A clear overview of the impact of digital transformation

 Are you ready to take steps in BPM? Please contact Jacques Scheutjens. He is happy to think along with you.

Discover the power of SAP Signavio
Are you planning to migrate to SAP S/4HANA? Or are you looking for the optimal application of Business Process Management? Whatever your situation, with SAP Signavio, your business processes come to life. Schedule a meeting with Thomas Hendrickx and our BPM consultants to see what Signavio can mean for your business.
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