Process implementation

Make new business processes succeed

The new processes have been designed and all stakeholders agree on the new way of working. Now it is time to implement the processes. We are making the transition from design phase to implementation. The implementation phase includes all activities to make the delivered solution succeed, in your organization. Think about training the staff, writing manuals and migrating various systems. An exciting moment, because an implementation can only succeed if the new tool is also used by everyone. Signavio helps you do just that.

Process implementation with SAP best practices

Purchasing processes and sales processes, are virtually identical for many companies. This is why SAP has developed best practices for each standard process. In these best practices, the aspects, process, system and organization, come together in one optimal standard. This standard is used by organizations as a starting point when implementing new processes. We also call this fit-to-standard. By choosing a fit-to-standard approach, you say goodbye to customization. And that means quickly implemented solutions and faster use of the new functionalities.

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Simply Change Toolkit for BPM

If you want to move forward, you have to change. But change is hard and, let's face it, sometimes a little intimidating. So how do you make sure everyone accepts the change? In other words, how do you make sure everyone is on the same page? By clearly explaining the rules of the game. At McCoy, we do that with the Simply Change Toolkit. This is a comprehensive framework to help organizations implement change efficiently and effectively. Because changing the system and process is one thing, but getting the new solutions accepted and used, by the whole organization, is a lot trickier. With our toolkit, we look at implementation from the human perspective and make change easy and fun.

SAP Signavio supports the process implementation

SAP Signavio is the ideal tool to guide fit-to-standard workshops but also for the validation of to-be processes. With Signavio you make the impact on people and organizations transparent, and let the transition take place in a controlled way. In addition, you can accelerate the deployment phase by using Signavio during the SIT and UAT.