Get the most out of your SAP implementation with SAP Signavio

In the ever evolving SAP landscape, it is almost necessary to stay curious, to discover what opportunities and possibilities lie ahead. Just like an adventurer or explorer chasing new horizons. And with that explorer mindset, you can steer your organization towards a future full of new possibilities that lead to success. Fortunately, you don't have to face such an exciting journey with unknowns. There are plenty of tools and resources to make the expedition go smoothly. SAP ACTIVATE, for example, helps to set the right course, and Signavio offers a view of the road ahead. Here's how they do it.


The journey begins with RISE with SAP, aimed at transforming the organization and creating sustainable impact. RISE with SAP goes hand in hand with SAP ACTIVATE - a successful methodology developed specifically for SAP projects. With each stage of SAP ACTIVATE, you make business processes and their adoption come to life. Like a seasoned guide, Signavio shows the importance and impact of business processes in the various phases.

Discover and prepare phase

During the discover and prepare phase of SAP ACTIVATE, the focus is on understanding business processes and identifying implementation requirements. Think of an explorer planning and preparing the route. Signavio provides a structured approach to map and analyze business processes while Signavio Process Insights takes this to the next level by leveraging your SAP data. Based on your data and current performance, you will automatically be presented with suggestions for improvements and opportunities for innovation.

Explore phase

The explore phase is all about discovering new opportunities. SAP ACTIVATE shows you new and functional technical requirements, and Signavio Process Explorer helps you broaden your horizons. Best practices are validated and alternative scenarios investigated. With fit-to-standard workshops, processes are designed more efficiently and effectively before they are implemented in the new SAP system.

Realize phase

In the realize phase, Signavio facilitates the actual transformation of the organization to S/4HANA. As an expert architect, Signavio translates the previously modeled processes to the configuration in the new system. Thanks to seamless integration with SAP solutions, the process models in Signavio can be imported directly. This reduces design time and the risk of errors. Just like a valuable assistant, Signavio also offers the ability to derive test scenarios from the process models, thus reducing testing effort and easing implementation.

Deploy phase

The journey continues to the deploy phase. This is the phase for performing tests, training users and putting system documentation together. SAP Signavio provides support for creating user manuals and training materials. The process models in Signavio communicate instructions and procedures to end users clearly, resulting in prompt acceptance for the new way of working.

Run phase

In the run phase, we have arrived at our goal, but that is not the end of the journey. In fact, this is where the continuous nature of BPM comes to the fore. In this phase, Signavio helps identify inefficiencies and possible optimizations. It is your valuable companion, guiding you in improving and honing processes, to give you sustained competitive advantage. You can also use Signavio to measure how successful the implementation has been and whether the goals have been achieved.

A journey full of challenges

Like any journey of discovery, the transition to S/4HANA is also full of challenges and ultimately rewards. With SAP Signavio by your side, you hold the key to making a greater impact.