Develop your blueprint with ARIS

Popular heist movies have taught us - without a good blueprint there is no solid strategy. After all, how can you strategize unless you can anticipate risks, the changing processes and their impact? With a good blueprint, you always make the right decision, no matter what changes come your way. And with Aris, you have that ability at your fingertips.

ARIS: a complete architecture tool

But first of all. What is ARIS? ARIS helps you document your business processes, analyze system landscapes and translate your business strategy into the best options. Looking for an easy way to create more clarity in your blueprint? Centralized and quickly? Then ARIS is the tool you’re looking for. It helps you easily create and analyze models. Which is ideal. In addition, you don't need any prior knowledge to get started with the tool and it is also available on-premise. ARIS helps you come up with a good blueprint. And just like in the movies we mentioned, it forms the foundation for your business operations.

McCoy supports ARIS for your business

The possibilities within ARIS, though, are endless. Due to that we still see many companies struggling to pick the appropriate options. After all, where do you start? And how do you capture the changes consistently? To help you get started, we created the EASE framework.

EASE is a standardized template based on TOGAF, BPMN and Archimate. You begin by determining what you will and will not document. Then you look at the models you want to use and how they connect. Want to get started right away? Then our EASE framework will literally ease you into it. Within this framework all options are already included in the preselection. So you can always make the correct choice in terms of structure. It is the ultimate turnkey package, with which you can go from defining processes to establishing your digital blueprint in no time. This allows you to focus on the content and deliver added value, immediately.

Investing in EA and BPM tools is creating value

ARIS and EASE are the two four-letter words that can significantly change your organization. Do you want to respond to a changing market successfully without losing control over continuity, integrity and compliance? Then creating your blueprint in ARIS is the next step.


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