SAP Signavio: the all in one tool for your business processes

You're well on your way to effectively organizing your business processes. But keeping them effective? That's just as important. If you don't keep optimizing your business processes, they will become less effective over time. A shame, because as you know, strong BPM functionalities are the key to a successful organization . In a future-proof organization, standing still is akin to going backwards, and you want to keep improving your processes. Do you have to keep reinventing the wheel? No, certainly not. SAP Signavio is the all in one tool that gets and keeps your processes sharp.

Want to know more? In this McCoy TV, Tim and Harm Jan tell you all about the Signavio tool.

Why start with SAP Signavio?

Signavio is an essential tool for documenting and sharing business processes in a structured way within your organization. The tool is best described as an all in one business process management tool. It offers a wide range of BPM functionalities, in one package. Developing a process model or making strong analyses? Signavio makes it possible. In addition, Signavio is a cloud-native application, which means it can be accessed through any browser. You don't need any hardware or software for installation, and you won't experience downtime when doing updates.

SAP Signavio Process Manager is the solution when it comes to recording processesTim van Lier

What does the SAP Signavio platform look like?

The benefits are clear, but what exactly does Signavio look like? And how does this SAP tool help you get the most out of your business? We will walk you through the various hubs.

SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub

The Collaboration Hub is just like the central village square of the tool. Here you view processes, read dashboards, and provide feedback. This environment is very approachable and comparable in use to well-known social media platforms.

SAP Signavio Process Manager

The Process Manager focuses on business process management (BPM). Here, processes are documented centrally, like the role information, activity descriptions and decision moments. This module is mainly used by analysts, process consultants and architects. Is your process ready to use? Then it gets published to the Collaboration Hub where it will be accessible to the entire organization.

SAP Signavio Process Insights

More insight into your end-to-end processes? A visual overview of your process landscape? And a way to monitor and optimize your business activities? It’s easy using the Process Insights hub. This module creates a real-time link with your SAP ECC or S/4-HANA system and - with the help of an algorithm - makes advanced analyses and clear recommendations.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

Whereas Process Insights gives you an overview of your entire landscape, this module allows you to zoom in on an individual process. Within Process Intelligence we have 2 areas of expertise: data preparation and building analyses. Data preparation ensures that you use apps to unlock data in the right format. Building analyses is also done on the basis of standards but can be configured according to your wishes.

SAP Signavio Customer Journey Modeler

The basics are in place, but now to get going and optimize. You do that by zooming out and to look at your organization from the customer's perspective. When looking within e-commerce, you notice they have several phases within the customer journey: exploration, awareness, consideration and purchase. In each of those phases, the customer has different needs. Those needs are supported with business processes and measured with underlying data. By combining those insights, you can make the customer experience even better.

SAP Signavio Process Explorer

Within this module you will find a total package of standard content. Here you will find a combination of APQC process material and SAP best practices. But also benchmark and KPI information from various industries. In short: a good way to get started with Signavio.

SAP Signavio and McCoy: a one-stop shop

More structure and a clear overview are achieved through a four steps approach. From process documentation to process analysis: McCoy supports you throughout the entire BPM lifecycle. We do this not only with our SAP expertise but also with our expertise in BPM and processes. We help you select the various Signavio modules, support you during documentation and process optimization. Together we will get the most out of your data.

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